FOOTBALL BLOG was written to record the facts, memories, tragedies, triumphs, and twists of fate that make the World Cup the greatest sporting event on Earth.

Spent many years researching and studying previous World Cups. While this first-hand experience facilitated the writing of this work enormously, identifying early players and the role they played in the earliest World Cups was a real challenge.

This blog begins by telling how FIFA, the International Soccer Federation, and the First World Cup were conceived. But the Cup only became a reality and developed into the flourishing world event it today due to the courage and love for soccer of one man: the Frenchman Jules Rimet.

The heart of the blog describes the matches, the historic events, and the spirit of the host country in each Cup from 1930 to 1990. Of course, the first three were very hard to stage. There was no air travel, there was a worldwide recession, and there were prewar international tensions. But it can be said that, as of 1950, the World Cup became the preeminent sporting event in the world.

This growth is faithfully recorded in FOOTBALL BLOG - a work dedicated to the soccer of the past.