Tuesday, August 2, 2011


World soccer began to get organized at the turn of the century. National Federations already existed,but an international organization to supervise the game among the world's countries was lacking. Wilhelm Hirschmann, a Dutchman who wrote down some rules on May 8, 1902 and approved by some football organization. At a business meeting on May 21, 1904, the rules went into effect and FIFA, the International Federation of Soccer Associations, got its start.

Thanks to the insistence of Robert Guerin from France, Vic Schnieder from Switzerland, Hirschmann from Holland, Muhlinghaus and Kahn from Belgium, Sylow from Denmark, and Spir from France. At the meeting at the HQ of French Union of Athletic Sports, these men became the the founders of FIFA.

There was a talk again about the World Cup in 1914. It was Hirschmann, Dutchman, was so persistent. He even thought Olympic should become World Cup. But only the FIFA supervision could the Olympic be organized as a World soccer championship. It would have to follow the FIFA regulation.

World War 1 (1914-1918) interrupted any attempt to bring about a World Cup. Europe was involved in the war. After war, in 1919, the issue was brought up in Belgium. In 1920, new FIFA board was elected and Jules Rimet became the new president, Luis Oestrup V-President and Hirschmann the honorary secretary.It was Hirschmann that kept the FIFA flame alive.

With Jules(Born on October 24, 1871, in Theuley, France) a new soccer era began. besides European country, South Africa-1912, Argentina and Chile-1912 and united states-1913 joined FIFA. When Rimet left FIFA in 1954, There were 85 members.

FIFA presented three proposals to the executive committee, which, among other things, mentioned a European Cup every two years and a World Cup every four years. but when they discuss at conference they postponed for another year. May 26, 1928, FIFA congress was held in Amsterdam and with the active, decisive and convincing participation of Jules Rimet, the following proposal was made and the 1st meeting of commission was held on September 8,1928 in Zurich, Switzerland. The resolution were agreed approved (Beginning in 1930, FIFA would organize a competition every four years called the WORLD CUP. A trophy, a work of art, presented to the winner by the Federation. The competition would be held between May 15 and June 15. At 2nd meeting on January 19, 1929, in Geneva, Switzerland, the previously drawn-up regulation were finalized.

After 25 years and numerous attempts, the WORLD CUP finally became reality. The Uruguayans was selected to host the event due to the fact that 1930 was the year of their Independence Centennial and that their Olympic soccer victories 1924 and 1928 in Paris and Amsterdam made Uruguay made a well-qualified host. The Congress in Barcelona accepted Uruguay's argument and MONTEVIDEO became the home of the 1930 WORLD CUP...

The Organizing Committee of the first world cup member: Enrique Buero from Uruguay, Fisher-Germany, Hirschmann-Holland, Johanson-Sweden and Zanetti from Italy. The 1st meeting of the Committee was held in Nuremberg on July 18, 1929. the Cup Cup's regulation were written in 4 languages: German, Spanish, French and English.

Organizing the Cup was no easy task. the European have to interrupt their competitions and undertaking the long ocean voyage at a time of serious economic crisis in Europe. But thanks to Rimet's personal effort the Cup was held.He was finally successful in getting Belgium, Romania, Yugoslavia and France to accept the invitation. He directly involve and helped solve player problem in order to form national team France.

int the end, Four European country and nine from America participated. Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil  Bolivia, Chile, Peru,Mexico and U.S.A. The European team welcomed by very inquisitive crowd. Jules Rimet  had also come, bringing within the statue, 12 inches high, weight 8 pounds, made of pure gold, and sculpted by the Frenchman Abel Lafluer-The Cup!

The assembly was complete. There actually was to be a WORLD CUP after all...

  The FIFA congress in Barcelona, 1930