Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Practicing In-Step Kick and Techniques (Keeping The Ball Low)

First thing to do is warn-up and stretching (15 mins.). Dribble the ball for pre-stretch warm-up. Stretch all 7 basic muscle areas. warm-up having 4 players in a group 3 maintaining possession, 1 defends, as drill in progress let players move 8 yards apart and use the In-Step Kick


  • Ankle locked, Toe down
  • Non-kicking foot facing target and on side of ball a little distance away.
  • Eye on exact place of kicking (Middle of ball)
  • Strike center slightly above the midpoint (Strike the top half of the ball. Touch the correct spot on the ball)
  • Head down and steady - see foot hit through the ball
  • Identify proper place on footwear that should contact the ball (Center of shoe laces preferred) with a very slight turning in of the foot.  
  • Follow through so that non-kicking foot is lifted from the ground and player lands on kicking foot.
  • Demonstrate the knee lift by striking a ball 4 or 5 times that is held in place. Knee over ball for low trajectory
  • In shooting, accuracy comes first, then power 
  • Use your hand for body balance

Continue practicing with ball rolling slowly toward the player, continue also kicks with one touch dribble. 
Increase difficulty by rolling ball toward side, with a bounce, receive-turn-shoot, etc.

7 Basic Muscle Area
  1. Neck Area - side to side, forward to back. Overcome hands pressure of self, or teammate. Never omit neck area since the occurrence of injuries int this area can be catastrophic.
  2. Upper and Lower Back - forward, backward and sideways.
  3. Abdominal - often neglected but widely used in soccer.
  4. Groin Area
  5. Upper Leg - front and back (Thigh and Hamstring)
  6. Lower leg - calf and side (Achilles)
  7. Ankles and Arches - ankles rotated; arches by standing on toes for approx. 10 sec.

Hope it help!