Tuesday, August 2, 2011


  • When in possession all players must think , act, support and be offensive; when other team has possession, everyone is on  defense.
  • Offense usually wants to spread out, that is, use full width of the field and have depth, though overloads often take place at the same time.
  •  Defense should want some compactness, cover and pressure on the ball. On any change of possession, these behaviors should be immediately visible (Spreading out or compactness).
  • A player spends better than 95% of the game time without the ball; learn to useful without the ball (Dummy runs, etc)
  • Call for the ball by accelerating to a receiving position (Generally open space).
  • Help your teammate, "Man on", "Turn", "I got ball". Offense is characterized by visual or action communication, while defense has more voice usage. (However communication is a must!).
  • If you have a cover on defense you can attack the ball.Without cover you must delay, give weak side help, stay goal side.
  • Even long clearing should have an intended receiver. Almost all ball contacts (passes) must attempt to insure possession, with gambles taken in vicinity of goal in order to score.
  •   Use feints to provide time and space.
  • Have intentions even before you receive a ball. Learn to visually check all around you on a regular basis. Try to work with your head up when in possession.
  • Players must communicate constantly.